Using the BLASST Cartoons

The BLASST Cartoons can be a useful resource for engaging with the Sessional Staff Standards Framework , and with sessional teaching overall. Select one cartoon, a few, or use them all for:

Benchmarking or Professional Development workshops:

  • As openers or prompts for discussion (see below)
  •  For seminars or professional development workshops with sessional staff or for those working with or managing sessional staff

Meetings and formal / informal get-togethers:

  • In department / faculty / school or institutional meetings and forums: release one image per meeting for brief or extended discussion
  • Print them off and display as an art exhibition (originally A3 images) – invite participants, provide a drink and nibbles, use the prompts and questions below to open discussion


  • Release an image per department/faculty/organisational newsletter


  • Use images in presentations when talking about sessional staff and learning and teaching


  • Ask participants to select/ nominate the image that is most pertinent to their context and ask them to explain their choice
  • After identifying issues raised by the cartoons, ask participants to raise issues not covered by the images
  • Divide cartoons amongst small groups with each group discussing what the issues illustrated in the cartoon might means for your context – institutional, departmental, school, individually
  • Present or develop strategies to address these issues that are specific to your own context, whether at department / faculty/ organisation

Discussion questions:

  • What does this cartoon represent?
  • What are the related issues?
  • Are these issues relevant to our department / faculty / organisation?
  • What are we currently doing to address these issues?
  • What could we do to address these issues? Who else needs to be involved?